Drum & Lace

Drum & Lace, aka Sofia Hultquist, is an Italian composer, sound artist and performer who writes and creates music for film, fashion and media.

Inspired by interesting sounds and cinematic elements, Drum & Lace melds sampled field recordings and lush layers of synths to create densely textural and beat-heavy music, greatly drawing from film music, musique concrete and modern electronica. Drum & Lace’s composition work includes music for fashion shows, commercials, and feature-length films such as the fashion documentaries The First Monday in May and The Gospel According to André. She scored the films Love and Bananas and Invisible Hands and her chamber score to the short narrative film Aphrodite was performed live by the Helix Collective at a screening during the Los Angeles Live Score Film Fest (LALSFF).

Drum & Lace’s recent performances include The Echo Society VI: Family (Los Angeles), Girlschool Festival (Los Angeles), The Satellite Art Show (Miami Beach, FL) with the NY Fem Factory, POWACADEMY’s LA Powcast at California Institute of the Arts (CA) and an immersive quadraphonic performance alongside Suzanne Ciani’s Quad Sound Bath LP during Echo Park Rising Festival 2018.

We’ve invited Drum & Lace to Loop to join a discussion about the art of film scoring and the relationship between sound and image. She will also create one of several Walkmixes – 12-minute soundtracks for Loop’s attendees that will transform their short commutes around our Hollywood campus into short films scored by some of the best in the business.

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