Equiknoxx is the forward-thinking Jamaican music production collective comprised of Shanique Marie, Bobby Blackbird, Gavsborg, Kemikal Splash and Time Cow.

The Kingston-based crew has firm roots in their local dancehall scene, and continue Jamaica’ long tradition of musical creativity and innovation.

Equiknoxx’s sound has found fans far beyond the borders of the nation and genre they call home. Their tracks eschew party sirens and dancefloor entreaties in favor of bizarre chunks of found sound sampled from their global travels and processed beyond all recognition in their studio. As likely to be found on the bill of an experimental music festival in Poland or Russia as they are at a party in Kingston, Equiknoxx makes music that induces chin-scratching contemplation every bit as much as it lights up a party and fills a dancefloor.

This is exactly what they intend to do this year at Loop, with a high-energy live performance scheduled in the intimate Studio 1 space of EastWest Studios.



Coco Solid, Craig Schuftan, Equiknoxx, Simon Reynolds

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