Esteban Adame

Estedan Adame is DJ, producer, and keyboard player with a diverse career playing styles from jazz, funk and soul, to house and techno.

Adame started his musical career DJing at local house parties in and around Los Angeles. As he began to develop his production skills, he took a hiatus from DJing to study piano formally. In 2004, Esteban began playing keys in Mad Mike’s (from Detroit’s Underground Resistance) Galaxy 2 Galaxy project, as well as the Los Hermanos live act. For the following five years Adame would entertain masses at some of the world’s best clubs and festivals: Berghain, The Loft, Fabric, Montreux Jazz Festival, Glade Festival and Astropolis to name a few.

Having returned to production, Adame released under the monikers ICAN Productions and Frequencia, as well as his own name for labels like Carl Craig’s Planet E, and Jus Ed’s Underground Quality. He set up a new imprint, Bodega House Records, as an outlet for his soulful house and disco flavored works with his six-piece ensemble, Thee AfterDark. In 2014 he released his debut album Day Labor on Epm Muis.

Esteban continues to play the role of producer and remixer in several projects, as well as collaborating with various artists, and performing and DJing across the globe.

At Loop, he’ll be participating in the panel discussion Making Music Education Transformative, alongside Lawrence Grey and Tiffany Miranda.

Esteban Adame


Dennis DeSantis, Esteban Adame, Lawrence Grey, Tiffany Miranda

Making Music Education Transformative