Foodman is the westernized recording alias of Japanese experimental producer Takahide Higuchi, most commonly known in his native country as Shokuhin Matsuri ("Food Festival").

Higuchi’s music first circulated the international juke-footwork underground in 2012 for its deconstructed take on the Chicago sound, further mutating its frenetic bass and rapid-fire samples. His tracks can resemble wide-ranging forms of dance music, yet feature unconventional rhythms and bursts of noise. His use of sterile electronic instruments and elements of J-pop has drawn comparisons to vaporwave as well as PC Music.

Orange Milk Records issued his debut cassette Shokuhin in 2012, and additional tapes subsequently appeared on Noumenal Loom, Digitalis and Patient Sounds Intl. In 2015, Japanese label Melting Bot released Couldwork, a short compilation including tracks from some of Foodman's digital releases, and Foodman's vinyl debut full-length Ez Minzoku came out on Orange Milk the following year.

The Yokohama-based artist is a strong advocate for using limitations as a creative catalyst, and he looks forward to sharing ideas, processes and his genre-agnostic approach to music at Loop.

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