Jesse Engel

Jesse Engel is a senior research scientist at Google Brain, as well as a performing jazz guitarist.

He completed his bachelor’s degree, PhD and Postdoc at UC Berkeley, with a diverse research background that includes astrophysics, nanoscience, and computational neuroscience.

Afterwards, he honed his machine learning skills working with Andrew Ng on end-to-end speech recognition, and helped start up Baidu's Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL). Since joining Google's Magenta machine learning project in 2016, his research has used machine learning to create new forms of audio synthesis, sequencing, user interfaces, and user control.

Musically, he likes to make strange looping guitar music with Ableton Live alongside some custom software, enjoys playing jam rock and jazz with bay area locals, and likes to mention that he once opened for the Dalai Lama at LA’s Greek Theatre.

At Loop, Engel will discuss his work on the Magenta project alongside Adam Roberts, as part of the Computer as Collaborator panel.


Jesse Engel


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