Jimmy LaValle

Jimmy Lavalle is a musician and composer with a career of more than twenty years in electronic-pop, film scoring and sound collage. He’s best known for his work with the solo-studio-project turned live band, The Album Leaf.

Drawing inspiration from minimalist composers and sound manipulators, Lavalle developed his own unique method of using synthesizers and effects to create a delicate palette of textures and evocative atmospheres. In 1999, he started The Album Leaf, a project whose intertwining of field recordings and Rhodes with emotive songwriting and nuanced sound design quickly put him on the map for critics and fans worldwide.

Following European and US tours with Sigur Rós, Lavelle produced the acclaimed releases Seal Beach (2003, Acuarela Discos) and In A Safe Place (2004, Sub Pop / City Slang); and the band’s influence has continued to grow since then. Lavalle has also worked on collaborations with artists such as Bright Eyes & Mark Kozelek, and on original soundtracks for a host of network television shows and award-winning films. In 2016 he delivered The Album Leaf’s sixth full length release, Between Waves.

This year at Loop, we’ve invited Lavalle to join Sofia Hultquist for an onstage discussion about the art of film composing. They’ll help us explore the relationship between sound and image, and offer their perspective on the creative and practical challenges involved with creating music for visual forms of art.

Jimmy LaValle


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