Juana Molina

Juana Molina is an Argentine singer, songwriter and actress based in Buenos Aires.

Molina grew up in a musical environment; her father—a revered tango singer and composer—gave her guitar lessons from the age of five, while her actress mother revealed the secrets of her extensive record collection to the young Juana. Following the military coup of 1976, the Molina family fled the country and lived in exile in Paris. When she eventually returned to Argentina, Juana was given a starring role in her own sketch comedy television show for which she created and developed a series of iconic characters. She ended the show after a seven-year run and began writing and recording music. Her first album, Rara, was released in 1996. After the release of her second and third albums she became the darling of the international indie/electronic/folk scene, and was championed by the likes of David Byrne and Will Oldham.

Since the release of her album, Halo, in 2017, Molina has performed scores of shows around Europe, the US, Latin America and Japan.

This year at Loop, Juana will host a studio session, focusing on her live performance techniques. She will also participate in an onstage exploration of the records that shaped her music.

Juana Molina