Kelly Snook

Professor Kelly Snook is a music producer, sound designer, aerospace engineer and data sonification researcher based between Brighton, UK and Portland, US.

Snook holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Stanford University and spent two decades as a NASA Research Scientist with a focus on Mars and the moon. In 2010 she turned her attention to music full-time when she joined Imogen Heap as her studio manager and musical assistant. Snook was one of the original developers of gloves, the hand-worn devices created for gestural composition and performance. She was also responsible for the systems engineering and integration of Imogen Heap’s glove performances and co-developed the original MaxMSP patch for custom gestural mapping, which served as the prototype for Glover. She has extensive experience working with gloves in a wide variety of live performance and demonstration environments, including touring with Ariana Grande and her own use of the gloves in music and research projects.

Snook currently serves as Professor of Media Arts Technology at the University of Brighton where she founded the university’s Fab Lab. Her research project is the development of Concordia, an immersive musical instrument for scientific exploration based on the work of Johannes Kepler, which allows people to experience and play the music of the spheres. She runs It's Not Rocket Science Studios where she composes, arranges, produces, records and mixes music by independent musicians and her own projects. She has scored two short films, and pursues a passion in the arena of Investigative Music, focusing on sound at the intersection of music and science.

Snook is currently working with Margaret Schedel on a sonification of the relationship of planetary orbits in honor of the 400th anniversary of Kepler's Harmonies of the World. Together in Loop’s Maker Zone, they will engage attendees in a day-long experiment, transforming raw data sets into sound and developing new compositional strategies from the results.

Kelly Snook