As Lafawndah, Yasmine Dubois creates intimate club music defined by a surrealist sense of space, and the assured manipulation of tension.

Dubois spent her childhood in Paris and Tehran and has subsequently been based in Mexico City (where she played in the band Nidada), Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Her self-titled debut EP, recorded during a month-long stay on Guadeloupe, arrived in 2014. That same year she also contributed a hushed-turned-heated vocal to Teengirl Fantasy's song “Lung”.

After signing to the Warp label, she released the Tan EP in 2016 – this time composing on Fire Island with Tamer Fahri and Teengirl Fantasy's Nick Weiss. Her ongoing relationship with filmmaker Partel Oliva has already generated an entire cinematic body of work. Most recently, this collaboration has resulted in Le Renard Bleu, the album and companion film made with legendary composer Midori Takada. Further, Lafawndah’s HONEY COLONY mixtape series has put the full extent of her dense, maximalist production style on display.

Lafawndah will host a Studio Session at Loop in which she’ll share insights into her songwriting process and talk about how she translates her raw experiences into audio narratives.



Jace Clayton, Lafawndah

Lafawndah: performative presentation