Laura Escudé

Laura Escudé is an American artist, music and technology thought leader, entrepreneur, and live show designer.

Listed among her accomplishments, Laura has programmed and designed shows for Kanye West, Jay Z, American Idol, Herbie Hancock and Porter Robinson, opened for Miguel and Garbage, and composed and performed string arrangements for Kanye West and Jay Z. Escudé was the world’s first Ableton Certified Trainer in 2008, and the first to implement the software in some of the most prestigious live shows around the world. Along the way, she has built a community of top-performing artists and professionals around the high-level expertise and uncompromising work ethic that led to her success. In 2012, she founded Electronic Creatives, a company that trains programmers and playback engineers for artists such as Logic, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Big Sean, Charli XCX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many more. In 2017, she created the Transmute Retreat, a place for artists to develop their live show in a healthy, supportive environment. In 2018, she created MASTERTRACK, the first two-week intensive program for music programmers and playback engineers.

As an artist, Laura’s signature “future classical” sound fuses avant-garde and classical with live electronica to create a unique, hybrid style of electronic music. She creates her huge sound with custom LED controllers, vocals and violin, seamlessly blending original compositions, improvised beats, and violin loops. Escudé’s production skills have earned her remix commissions from M83, Polica and Mr. Hudson, and her violin playing can be heard on albums by Kanye West and Jay Z, Big Grams, Hit Boy, Sage Francis, Solillaquists of Sound and in EastWest’s Quantum Leap Silk sound library.

This year at Loop, Escudé will draw on her extensive experience to demonstrate how to take electronic music from the studio to the stage.

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