Lawrence English

Lawrence English is composer, artist and curator based in Australia.

Over the past decade, English has worked with sound as a medium for embodied experience and is committed to sharing his interests in the transformative possibilities of sound. He is a Sidney Myer Creative Fellow, was awarded an outstanding doctoral thesis award in conjunction with his Ph.D. in 2017 and has been supported by the Mike Kelley Foundation for his latest project project, which explore the social, political and historical contexts surrounding the Los Angeles Civil Defence sirens.

Working across an array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work explores the politics of perception and prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He utilizes a variety of approaches including visceral live performance and installation to create works that ask audiences to consider their relationship to space, place and embodiment.  As a curator, English has been actively involved in the development and increased recognition of sound as an art form within Australia through his record label and multi-arts organization Room40. He has curated exhibitions of sound artists in Australia, Singapore and The Philippines. He has also published both popular and academic essays and texts on listening, perception, futuring ambient and how to sustain a creative practice as an artist.

At Loop, Lawrence will host both a Studio Session and a Listening Session to offer attendees his close-up insight into production processes and creative thinking strategies.

Portrait by Peter Thiedeke

Lawrence English


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