Lawrence Grey

American producer and educator Lawrence Grey founded Young Producers Group in 2013 to bring music technology into K-12 schools and unite disparate communities in the process.

After completing a Bachelor's degree in music from NYU with a focus on electronic music composition, Grey received a masters degree in education from UCLA. After working at the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA), an Alternatives to Incarceration centre, in Brooklyn, he observed how individuals were able to unite across different socioeconomic backgrounds and life experiences while working on music together. With electronic music already serving as connective tissue between youth demographics in all corners of the world, Grey saw an opportunity to make this connection tangible and productive with Young Producers Group.  

Today, Grey works with his team to bring music tech programs to 11 schools and five nonprofits across Los Angeles, with several new programs in the works. Lawrence also releases music and regularly DJs around Los Angeles.

This year at Loop, Lawrence will be one of three people joining a discussion called Making Music Education Transformative. The panel will tell us why they believe music education can transform students’ lives for the better – not just in the world of music, but as engaged and contributing members of society.

Lawrence Grey


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Making Music Education Transformative