Margaret Schedel

Dr. Margaret Anne Schedel composes, builds, and performs ferociously interactive media.

With an interdisciplinary career blending classical training in cello and composition, sound/audio-related data research, and innovative computational arts education, Schedel transcends the boundaries of disparate fields to produce integrated work at the nexus of computation and the arts. She has a diverse creative output with works spanning the interactive multimedia opera The King Listens, virtual reality experiences, video games and compositions for a wide variety of custom controllers with interactive audio and video processing. Her commissions include Princeton University’s Laptop Orchestra, Yarn|Wire and the ReACT Duo. In 2009, she won the first Ruth Anderson Prize for the interactive installation Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair.

Schedel’s research focuses on gesture in music and the reperformance of technological works of art, and she has made significant contributions to the field of Data Sonification. As a faculty member at Stony Brook University, she served as Director of cDACT (the consortium for digital art, culture, and technology) and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Music. She is currently a faculty fellow at the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. She is the co-author of Cambridge University Press’s Electronic Music, serves as a regional editor of the electroacoustic journal Organised Sound, and a solo CD of her works will be released on Parma Recordings in 2019.

We invited Dr Margaret Schedel and Kelly Snook to Loop’s Maker Zone to engage Loop attendees in a day-long experiment in data sonification - the scientific process of mapping raw data sets to sound to make their features easier to understand.

Margaret Schedel