Michael Wall

Michael Wall is a composer, performer and educator who collaborates with dancers, choreographers and filmmakers.

Wall has supported independent artists in digital music distribution over the last ten years, and his website, soundFORMovement.com, offers a comprehensive online library of sound design resources for dance students, teachers and choreographers. He has worked at Rutgers University, Princeton University, NYU, The Ohio State University, The Bates Dance Festival, The American Dance Festival and is currently on faculty at The University of Utah, School of Dance.

Wall composes original music, accompanies dance classes and teaches sound design for dance and performance with Ableton Live. He is also a member of the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble, a group of nine musicians performing the works of Terry Riley, Phillip Glass and their own arrangements. The ensemble’s recording of Glass’s Music with Changing Parts was released on Orange Mountain Music, Phillip Glass’s own record label.

At Loop, Wall will lead a workshop on composing electronic music for choreographers and dancers, and host a music improv session where attendees can further explore the relationship between music and movement.

Michael Wall