Photay is the solo musical endeavor of Evan Shornstein, hailing from Woodstock, NY.

After being introduced to Aphex Twin at the tender age of nine, Shornstein quickly began to embrace music in all forms. This early inspiration provided a foundation for his growth as a drummer, turntablist and, eventually, composer. Years later, after an eye-opening trip to Guinea, West Africa, the Photay alias was born. Combining his newly acquired knowledge of polyrhythmic percussion with years of experimentation using samples and field recordings, he began self-releasing his music.

Photay’s debut full-length, Onism (Astro Nautico) was released in August 2017 to critical acclaim. He has performed in support of Odesza and Bonobo. Shornstein is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Photay’s music employs foley techniques to create a cinematic experience for the ears. With its combination of electronic and acoustic instruments, his work links to a number of Loop’s key themes, which he will demonstrate in a track deconstruction and studio session.

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