Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling

Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling is an interdisciplinary artist working across a massive array of specialities, including sound and film; sculpture, painting and collage; performance art and installations, among others. She explores the relationships between diverse mediums – optics and mirrors, electrical synthesis, virtual spatial systems, and further abstract fields.

Pod Blotz is Poling’s electronic / sound-art solo project, through which she explores posthumanist concepts, cathartic gestures and otherworldly sound sources. The project began in 2002, releasing on labels such as Chocolate Monk (UK), Nostilevo (LA) and Conjunto Vacio (Spain) among others. Over the years she has amassed more than 25 cassette and vinyl releases, and toured throughout the US.

Poling’s artwork has been seen in publications such as the New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, Dazed Digital and a Metropolitan Museum of Art Book. She is a recipient of the Mike Kelley Foundation Grant and her work has been exhibited centres such as the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure and the Australian Center for Photography.

Originally from Michigan, Poling studied at Columbia College in Chicago before living in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost a decade. She now resides in Los Angeles.

At Loop 2018, Pod Blotz will take part in a studio session on experimental, sculptural and spatial relationships to sound performance art. She will demonstrate various video works that encompass sound manipulation, synthesis, contact microphones, sculptural instruments, light art and shape shifting the human presence.

We’ve also invited her to create a unique environment for Loop’s Music Improv Sessions on the Ivar Stage – a site-specific installation whose purpose is to inspire people to make music together in unexpected ways.

Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling


Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling

Primary Optic Shift