Lee Sowall, aka SOWALL, is an electronic and hip hop beatmaker from South Korea.

Sowall began her musical career as a jazz drummer and has since played with a wide variety of musicians. She released music as part of the indie pop band Temperature of Saying “hi,” as well as several solo EPs.

Despite the lack of exposure for female artists in Asia, Sowall has gained international recognition in the beatmaking scene. Her 2017 debut album, Favorite, received positive reviews for its dramatic refashioning of how beats are made. She gained further notoriety thanks to several videos for FACT Magazine showcasing her finger drumming technique and a series of collaborative videos on YouTube called “Sowall and Friends.”

Sowall will be hosting an Instructional Session at Loop entitled Improvised Live Set, in which she will improvise on stage with another Loop participant along parameters agreed upon via social media. She will also host a Live Room session, acting as facilitator for a Loop attendee group improvisation.



Clarice Jensen, Dennis DeSantis, Sowall

Improvised Live Set