Steve Duda

Steve Duda has worked across the music industry as freelance engineer, sound designer, remixer and editor.

From an early start working in music instrument stores, pro audio, and later AVID/Digidesign, Steve developed a foundation of knowledge which he built on over a decade of freelance work. His resume features work on a long list of records, including as producer, programmer, and engineer for renowned artists such as Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie and Tommy Lee. In 2005, Duda formed BSOD, a production duo alongside Deadmau5. Their chiptunes-inspired Electro House sound brought several number-one releases on Beatport and beyond.

Despite his extensive studio history, Duda is now perhaps best known for his software company Xfer, which created the Serum synthesizer along with other popular plug-in titles like LFOTool, Cthulhu, Nerve, and more.

At Loop, Duda will take part in a conversation about the practice of creating audio software and virtual instruments, entitled the Autodidact's Approach to Making Music Software. He’ll share his experience making the Serum VST – a discussion aimed especially at aspiring audio software developers, and musicians who are interested in creating their own instruments and effects.


Steve Duda