Perimeter Apt. 85

Apt. 85 by Run Dreamer ft. Stella Gotshtein


Run Dreamer is a musician, sound designer & installation artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, and currently resides in Berlin.

Run Dreamer says that growing up in a country with closed borders creates a “unique and conflicting relationship with the walls separating the two sides. On the one hand they provide some security from radical groups...but these walls also define the relationship between the people on either side of the wall, and are definitely a big problem for anyone living near them- these areas are becoming more and more militarized which hurts the general population, activity, and life in the region”.

APT. 85 was made during Run Dreamer’s first trip to Berlin.  He says the thing about Berlin that had a powerful grip on him was “the amazing sense of freedom and individuality that was very much present. I figured it had something to do with that wall coming down and the place that I felt it the most was actually on the local train (there are not any trains in Israel that cross the border)”. When returning to Israel, he asked a friend and fellow Tel-Aviv-based musician, Stella Gotshtein, to do vocals for the piece and says, “she totally nailed it! The lyrics of the song talk about the connection between emotional walls and physical walls”.

“Apt. 85” is included as a part of Perimeter because it represents the feeling of freedom afforded by living in a place where physical walls have been broken down.

Listen to “Apt. 85” here: