Perimeter Lavender

Lavender by Daniel Crook

Daniel Crook_image.jpg

Daniel Crook is a musician and visual artist from the rural Northern California town of Calistoga currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.  Although Crook can be found in red lipstick and heels more often than not, he uses the pronouns he/him and has no objections or qualms about what other people want to call him.  

“When I was young, I found myself kind of selecting days in which I felt it wanted to present as more feminine or more masculine but, aside from images of Bowie or Prince, I didn't really have access to the idea that gender expression was a choice.  It wasn't until I was older that I was able to find a more elegant and comfortable way to express myself.”

Crook says that “Lavender” is “an attempt at creating a glimpse in to the world of many young gay or trans men or women; it's this feeling that who you are and who you love could just be "easier" if your body reflected the expectations of the society at that time”.

Crook’s story is represented as a part of Perimeter because, similar to many experiences in border territories, “Lavender” speaks to the difficulty of being unwillingly caught in between the driving socio-political forces of the time.

Listen to “Lavender” here: