Perimeter McAllen

McAllen by Jonathan Kreimerman & Alexia Riner

A collaborative piece written by Jonathan Kreimerman and Alexia Riner based on Kreimerman’s experience living in McAllen, TX.


Jonathan Kreimerman spent the first eight years of his life in Guadalajara, Mexico and later relocated to McAllen, TX which sits right at the border of Texas and Mexico. Now based out of Los Angeles, Kreimerman is a sound designer and Berklee College of Music alumnus who creates music fueled by nostalgia and sounds for today and tomorrow.

Kreimerman describes living in McAllen as being in limbo, a feeling of displacement he attributes to experiencing a mixture of both American and Mexican cultures together as opposed to one of the two on its own. Kreimerman frequently crossed the border into Mexico in his early youth, but as the activity of the drug cartels became more severe, he was discouraged from visiting. Like many other Mexican-Americans in his hometown, he grew up with a strong desire to fit into American society, but now longs to connect with the Mexican culture he left behind.  

Jonathan’s story is represented as part of Perimeter because he grew up in town where the majority of the population was from the other side of the nearby border. His experience provides a unique perspective on what life is like in a town with a significant cultural overlap.

Listen to “McAllen” here.