Detailed timetable info can be seen on our Sched platform – where you can also sign up for Workshops and Studio Sessions on October 16th.


Ed Williams, Lawrence English, lucky dragons, Refik Anadol

5 Takes (Friday)

Coco Solid, Ed Williams, Juana Molina, Patrice Rushen, Toni Blackman

5 Takes (Saturday)

Ed Williams, Esa Williams, Lea Bertucci, Maria Chávez, Sudan Archives

5 Takes (Sunday)

Alejandro Cohen, Juana Molina

Amoeba Music presents “What’s In My Bag” with Juana Molina

Adam Roberts, Jesse Engel, lucky dragons, Marijke Jorritsma, YACHT

Computer as Collaborator: machine learning and the creative practice


dublab: live stream (Friday)


dublab: live stream (Saturday)


dublab: live stream (Sunday)

Andrew Pekler, Josh Kun

Listening to the Migrant Songbook

David Zicarelli, Tom Hall

Max 8’s MC: working with hundreds more audio channels than speakers

Meara O’Reilly

Revealing the Building Blocks of Musical Perception

Simon Reynolds

Rewind / Fast Forward: the past, present and future of musical innovation

Marijke Jorritsma, Steve Duda

Teaching Yourself To Make Music Software: Steve Duda in conversation


Dennis DeSantis, Laura Escudé, Patrice Rushen, Photay

Best Laid Plans: when things go wrong

Christopher Montgomery, Dennis DeSantis, Dustin Ragland, Ebonie Smith

Debunking Audio Myths

Dennis DeSantis, Esteban Adame, Lawrence Grey, Tiffany Miranda

Making Music Education Transformative

David Reid, Drum & Lace, Jimmy LaValle

Sound and Vision: composing for films

Coco Solid, Craig Schuftan, Equiknoxx, Simon Reynolds

Sounds Like Tomorrow: making music for the future

Andrew Huang, Ebonie Smith, Nick Weiss

Start Here

Astrid Bin, Dan Moses, Peter Kirn, Stephanie Cheng Smith

Touch, Code, Play: creating hybrid physical-digital music instruments

Studio & Listening Sessions

Ticket holders are eligible for one Studio or Listening Session. Due to the small group format of these events, Studio & Listening Sessions will require pre-registrations via the Sched platform. Registration will open on October 16th.

Lawrence English

Fulcrum Arts presents: Studio Session with Lawrence English

Ebonie Smith

Gender Amplified presents: Listening Session with Ebonie Smith

Ebonie Smith

Gender Amplified presents: Studio Session with Ebonie Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

How to Listen

Daddy Kev

In-the-box Mastering with Daddy Kev (Beginners)

Daddy Kev

In-the-box Mastering with Daddy Kev (Intermediate)

Emily Lazar

Listening Session with Emily Lazar

Esa Williams

Listening Session with Esa Williams


Listening Session with Foodman

Jace Clayton

Listening Session with Jace Clayton

Lawrence English

Listening Session with Lawrence English

Patrice Rushen

Listening Session with Patrice Rushen

Simon Reynolds

Listening Session with Simon Reynolds

Emily Lazar

Mastering Q&A with Emily Lazar


Painting with Guitar

Women’s Audio Mission

Sample Processing with Women’s Audio Mission


Shure presents: Listening Session with Kelela

Pod Blotz

Sound, Light and Body: experiential performance

Coco Solid

Storytelling & Songwriting with Coco Solid


Studio Session with Binkbeats

Clarice Jensen

Studio Session with Clarice Jensen

DJ Rap

Studio Session with DJ Rap

Drum & Lace

Studio Session with Drum & Lace


Studio Session with Equiknoxx

Esa Williams

Studio Session with Esa Williams

Jerome Potter

Studio Session with Jerome Potter

Juana Molina

Studio Session with Juana Molina


Studio Session with Lafawndah

Laura Steenberge

Studio Session with Laura Steenberge

Naia Izumi

Studio Session with Naia Izumi


Studio Session with Photay


Studio Session with Scientist

Sudan Archives

Studio Session with Sudan Archives

Tec Beatz

Studio Session with Tec Beatz


Ticket holders are eligible for one Workshop. Due to the small group format of these events, workshops will require pre-registrations via the Sched platform. Registration will open on October 16th.

Ally Mobbs

Beat Picnic: making music with field recordings (Friday)

Ally Mobbs

Beat Picnic: making music with field recordings (Sunday)

Mark Zadel

Beyond Macros: advanced parameter mapping in Max for Live

Ricky Graham

Build Your Own Acoustic Synth

Kelly Snook, Margaret Schedel

Creative Sonification with Margaret Schedel and Kelly Snook

Beast Nest

Decolonization and Sound

Naomi Mitchell

DIY Audio Circuitry with Naomi Mitchell

Kate Stone, Pana Li

DIY Instrument Design with Kate Stone and Diana Castro

Sue Slagle

Getting Started with Live Visuals

Lea Bertucci

Graphic Scorewriting with Lea Bertucci

Dustin Ragland

Guitar Pedals as Sound Design Tools

Craig Schuftan

How to Talk About Music: a practical guide

Nima Fakhrara, Spitfire Audio

Making orchestral music with Nima Fakhrara and Spitfire Audio

Amp Live, Melodics

Melodics Workshop with Amp Live

Michael Wall

Music and Dance: inspiring ideas through movement

Dustin Ragland

Naming Sounds and Noises

Meara O’Reilly

Perception Playground: a workshop with Meara O'Reilly

Luis Pérez

Pre-Columbian Sounds for Contemporary Music, with Luis Pérez

Richard Devine

Sound Design Masterclass #1with Richard Devine

Richard Devine

Sound Design Masterclass #2 with Richard Devine

Toni Blackman

Wisdom of the Cypher: developing your inner lyricist

Michel’Le Baptiste, Women’s Audio Mission

Women’s Audio Mission presents Tracking Drums with Michel’Le Baptiste

Track Deconstructions


Track Deconstruction: a dub seminar


Track Deconstruction: Photay

Maker Zone

Naomi Mitchell, Ricky Graham

Open Source Modular Design


Refik Anadol

WDCH Dreams


1500 or Nothin', Jace Clayton

1500 or Nothin': inside the hit factory

Binkbeats, Dennis DeSantis

Binkbeats: performative presentation

Clarice Jensen

Clarice Jensen - solo performance


Equiknoxx: five-piece live show


Foodman Live

Clarice Jensen, Dennis DeSantis, Sowall

Improvised Live Set

Khruangbin, Scientist

Khruangbin meets Scientist

Jace Clayton, Lafawndah

Lafawndah: performative presentation

Richard Devine

Richard Devine: live performance

Juana Molina

Solo Live Performance with Juana Molina


Sotomayor: pioneering fusion music

Dennis DeSantis, Laura Escudé

The Art of Designing a Live Show

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

The Kid live performance by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith