1500 or Nothin: from studio to stage with pop's master collaborators

1500 or Nothin is a collective of skilled players, engineers, producers and award-winning songwriters based out of Inglewood.

Their song credits represent a dizzying who's who of contemporary hip hop, soul and RnB royalty that takes in Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Kanye West. Their adept musicianship has also made them a go-to tour band for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Faith Evans and Jay-Z.

In a mix of discussion and practical demonstration, Jace Clayton will host six members of the 1500 or Nothin' collective for a glimpse behind the curtain. They’ll deconstruct, describe and demonstrate the skills and dedication that’s made them hitmakers to some of the biggest names in pop. And they’ll discuss how they approach some of the different creative challenges they face: what are the communication and collaboration skills required to realise the musical vision of someone like Kendrik Lamar? How do you balance your own creative vision alongside interpreting someone else's? And what is the process to take electronic and sample-based productions into a live band setting?

Date & Location

Montalbán Theatre


1500 or Nothin

1500 or Nothin

1500 or Nothin is an Inglewood-based collective of Grammy-nominated producers, artists, songwriters, musicians and rappers whose catalogue of productions and collaborations includes Bruno Mars, Usher, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.


Jace Clayton

Jace Clayton

Jace Clayton is an artist and writer based in Manhattan, also known for his work as DJ /rupture.