Beyond Macros: advanced parameter mapping in Max for Live

Applying creative effects to audio is common practice in music production, but what about doing the same for MIDI controls?  By shaping and interweaving control signals, we can add a new dimension of gesturality to our sound design and go to new places musically.

In this workshop, you'll learn to add a new level of detail to your MIDI mappings by designing a layer of processing between your hardware controller and your synths.  You'll use mathematical manipulations, filtering, delays, physical dynamics and similar effects connected in complex ways to create unique musical control systems. Perform timbres and sound gestures in real time to take yourself out of your musical comfort zone and create fresh results.

Attendees should be intermediate to experienced Max for Live programmers.  Bring your own laptop with Max for Live along with your own MIDI controller if possible.  Having a basic level of comfort with numbers and equations will be a plus, but not required to benefit from the workshop.

Workshops are for those with tickets that include Workshop and Studio Session access. Groups are small, and require prior registration – ticket holders will be notified via email when sign-up opens on October 16th.

Date & Location

IO Music Academy


Mark Zadel

Mark Zadel

Mark Zadel is a UX designer and developer at Ableton in Berlin.