Binkbeats: performative presentation

Dutch multi-instrumentalist takes us inside his unique live setup, in which he pushes the practice of live looping into new realms.

Binkbeats's performances incorporate a fantastic array of instruments including percussion, bass, guitar, keys, synths, and a battery of ‘non-musical’ objects including typewriters and hand-cranked sirens, looped and layered, one by one. But where many loopists simply cut elements in and out of the mix after this point, Binkbeats performances sound like properly-arranged songs, an effect he achieves with a truly mind-boggling workflow, involving hundreds of automated processes.

Here, he'll talk us through the philosophy, approach and unique technical setup that makes his shows and videos what they are, demonstrate his techniques, and answer your questions.

Date & Location

Montalbán Theatre




Binkbeats is Frank Wienk, a Dutch percussionist / producer and the creator of the Beats Unraveled YouTube series.


Dennis DeSantis

Dennis DeSantis

Dennis DeSantis is a composer, sound designer, percussionist, author, and the Head of Documentation at Ableton in Berlin.