Music Improv Sessions

Breaking Binaries & Building Community: Improvising with Analog & Digital Synths #2

Music Improv Sessions are a fun, friendly and welcoming space for people of all levels of ability to play together and make music. The workshops give tangible form to Loop’s vision of music as a social process, in which we listen to, learn from and collaborate with one another, to make something none of us could have invented on their own.

Facilitated by the founders Fem Synth Lab, a pro-diversity collective bringing communities together through music, this session of focuses on structured improvisation with analog and digital synths, as well as exploring techniques to play electro-acoustic instruments. While learning how to create synth patches and come up with new ways to play traditional acoustic instruments, you’ll also discuss the art and etiquette of improvisation – such as knowing when to step up and when to step back, and how to put patches in conversation to create an interwoven piece.

No experience or equipment are required to attend this workshop. You are welcome to bring a synth or instrument of your own.

Date & Location

Ivar Optic Shift


FeM Synth Lab

FeM Synth Lab

FeM Synth Lab low-cost recurring monthly night for womxn and non-binary people based in Los Angeles, California.