Maker Zone

Concordia: building musical instruments for exploring solar systems

The Maker Zone is an informal space where all attendees are invited to work together with instrument builders, researchers, musicians and visual artists to create something new over the course of a day.

On this day, the Maker Zone will play host to a new musical instrument for scientific exploration, the Kepler Concordia. An immersive audiovisual experience – built on data sonification and designed for improvisation and collaboration – the Concordia is the brainchild of Dr. Kelly Snook (University of Brighton, UK), Dr. Margaret Schedel (Stony Brook University, New York), and an international team of programmers, scientists, musicians and engineers.

Using the latest hardware development boards, gestural controllers, multi-channel audio and VR technology, Snook and Schedel will construct and test prototype controllers for the first Concordia module. Regardless of expertise, participants can try their hand at creating and manipulating sounds and generating visuals – experiencing the project’s vision of the future of music.

Date & Location

Ivar Brickbox


Kelly Snook

Kelly Snook

Professor Kelly Snook is a music producer, sound designer, aerospace engineer and data sonification researcher based between Brighton, UK and Portland, US.

Margaret Schedel

Margaret Schedel

Dr. Margaret Anne Schedel composes, builds, and performs ferociously interactive media.