Maker Zone

Designing A Paper-Based Musical Interface

With the ever-growing range of tools available to electronic musicians, user interface design can give rise to more intuitive, individual instruments tailored to unique situations.

Kate Stone is an expert at creating MIDI controllers out of circuit-printed paper using conductive ink and Bluetooth technology, while Diana Castro designs mindful objects inspired by different global cultures and traditions. They will be guiding a day-long Maker Zone where participants can help design and build a magical paper sculpture that doubles as an interactive musical instrument for exploring sounds and rituals from different cultures.  

The Maker Zone is an informal space where all attendees are invited to work together with instrument builders, researchers, musicians and visual artists to create something new over the course of a day.

Date & Location

Ivar Brickbox


Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Dr. Kate Stone is the founder of Novalia, a company that uses ordinary printing presses to manufacture interactive electronics using printable conductive ink.

Pana Li

Pana Li

Pana Li is the name of the project with which Diana Castro explores the use of design, technology and music for self transformation.