Music Improv Sessions

Generating Raw Source Material

Join beatmaker and inventor Ally Mobbs for a session in search of raw source material. In this improvisation, the goal is not to make music right now, but to generate new ideas and material for making music in the future.

By experimenting with a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments, along with home-made sounds and devices, attendees will build up a library of samples, patches and musical ideas that will be shared among the group and, later, with all Loop attendees.

Along the way, workshop participants will gain insight into the ideas and workflows of fellow music-makers, as well as a new approach to improvisation, in which the responsibility of producing a finished musical product is less important than exploring an entire world of sound.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own DIY instruments, circuit-bent noisemakers and found sounds.

Date & Location

Ivar Optic Shift


Ally Mobbs

Ally Mobbs

Ally Mobbs is a British sound designer, artist and producer based in Kyoto, Japan.