Guitar Pedals as Sound Design Tools

In this Workshop, Dustin Ragland and attendees will explore the compositional and improvisational possibilities that arise out of processing acoustic percussive instruments with guitar pedals.

The market for boutique guitar pedals is exploding. Alongside beautiful analog circuitry, DSP development is taking the potential and sound quality of these pedals into sonically uncharted territory. How can we approach this rich field of sound creation beyond using guitars and the sound source? Dustin Ragland uses mic’d percussion as a basis for showing alternative uses of new, experimental guitar pedals.

In this workshop, participants will explore the practical use of analog signal processing on acoustic percussive instruments, including the drum kit, small percussion, and analog drum machines, as well as how to analyze a pedal for certain musical gestures, creating multitrack drum recordings, building loop and sample libraries and creating live performances around pedal-augmented percussion and analog instrumentation.

Workshops are for small groups and require pre-registration. Workshops are only accessible if you have a ticket which includes access to the Workshops and Studio Sessions program – for information, check the FAQ. Registration will open on October 16.

Date & Location

EastWest Tracking Room 2


Dustin Ragland

Dustin Ragland

Dustin Ragland writes and performs music as Young Weather, and works at the intersection of music technology, education and performance.