Music Improv Sessions

Improvising with Graphical Scores

In this Music Improv Session, Clarice Jensen will lead a group improvisation using two duration-based graphic scores. One score is for the historic John Cage Fontana Mix and the other will be one of Clarice’s original compositions. Clarice’s graphic scores are time-based so the entire piece will be based on the use of a stopwatch.

Participants will learn how to listen in an ensemble setting, gain insight into the differences between duration-based, understand repetition in a different way and get a new tool with which to notate their music.

Music Improv Sessions are a fun, friendly and welcoming space for people of all abilities to play together and make music. The sessions put into practice Loop’s vision of music as a social process, in which we listen to, learn from and collaborate with one another to create something none of us could have made alone.

No experience is required to participate in this Improve Session. Some instruments will be provided, but attendees are welcome to bring their own instruments.

Date & Location

EastWest Tracking Room 3


Clarice Jensen

Clarice Jensen

Julliard alumna Clarice Jensen is the artistic director of ACME, the American Contemporary Music Ensemble.