Khruangbin meets Scientist

Cosmic surf-funk revivalists Khruangbin meet the dubwise prowess of Scientist, at the controls for a live dub mix of the band.

Devotees of pan-global psychedelia, Khruangbin's music draws on a rich tapestry of influences from Afghani pop, to Thai funk, to Middle Eastern soul. Scientist meanwhile learnt his craft working underneath the mighty architect of dub, King Tubby. What connects the two is a flair for the unconventional and a fearless pursuit of sounds from elsewhere.

We'll talk to Khruangbin to understand their conscious drive towards a sound that traces the threads of a psych-funk diaspora. Joining them live on stage, Scientist will take full control of their sound, mixing the band live on stage in true dub fashion.

Date & Location

Montalbán Theatre




Khruangbin is a psychedelic trio from Burton, Texas who draw inspiration from 1960's Thai funk, 1970's Persian rock and 1980's Algerian symphonia with a dash of disco, soul and balearic music.



Hopeton Brown, from Kingston, Jamaica, is best known as Scientist.