Listening to the Migrant Songbook

In this talk – presented as a live mixtape – author, academic and curator Josh Kun focuses on musical representations of contemporary migrant and refugee struggles, across both the United States and Europe.

The same technologies that give us near-universal and instantaneous access to music allow sounds, styles, and songs to penetrate any corner of the world. But while sounds can move freely these days, people cannot, and so the questions arise: What happens to the music culture and practise of people when they are uprooted and find themselves in new surroundings?

Mixing work from migrant and refugee musicians with sonic experiments in contemporary art and literature, Kun listens for musical responses to a world of forced removals, expulsions, and detentions.


Please note: Space in Studio 1 is strictly limited. Please arrive early to ensure you'll get in.

Date & Location

EastWest Studio 1


Josh Kun

Josh Kun

Josh Kun is an American author, editor, academic, artist and curator.


Andrew Pekler

Andrew Pekler

Andrew Pekler is a sound artist based in Berlin.