Perception Playground: a workshop with Meara O'Reilly

The simple act of listening to music is a creative process. Far from being static or pre-determined by the composer, we shape the sounds we hear into something meaningful. The more we know about our own listening processes, the more interesting and challenging choices we can make in our music.

In this workshop, artist and educator Meara O’Reilly will lead you on an exploration of your own perceptual tendencies for listening, and reveal how they make a fascinating playground for making aesthetic and creative choices. Having considered how auditory illusions can reveal some of the building blocks of musical perception, you’ll discover how these principles can be applied to strategies for listening and your own compositions.

Fundamental knowledge in musical composition is helpful but not essential. You’ll need to bring headphones, and a laptop with Ableton Live.

Workshop sessions are for those with tickets that include Workshop and Studio Session access. Groups are small, and require prior registration – ticket holders will be notified via email when sign-up opens on October 16th.

Date & Location

IO Music Academy


Meara O’Reilly

Meara O’Reilly

Meara O’Reilly is a Los Angeles based composer, artist and educator, with a focus on perception and new musical interfaces.