Naming Sounds and Noises

In this workshop, Dustin Ragland will use philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ideas about language and music to give participants new perspectives on how we perceive, react to and talk about the music we listen to and perform.

Participants will be asked to describe a series of short, un-contextualized musical examples using both familiar language and onomatopoeia. Attendees will relate their experience of these sounds to the grammatical components of spoken language.

In performing these exercises, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the connections between our perception of language and our perception of music, using Wittgenstein’s philosophy as a guide. After the exercises, Dustin will present works of music that tie Wittgenstein’s written work to contemporary electronic music and electroacoustic music. The conclusion of the workshop will tie the philosopher’s aesthetics to music education, sound design and communication between creative minds.

Workshops are for small groups and require pre-registration. Workshops are only accessible if you have a ticket which includes access to the Workshops and Studio Sessions program – for information, check the FAQ. Registration will open on October 16.

Date & Location

EastWest Tracking Room 2


Dustin Ragland

Dustin Ragland

Dustin Ragland writes and performs music as Young Weather, and works at the intersection of music technology, education and performance.