Maker Zone

Open Source Modular Design

The Maker Zone is an informal space where all attendees are invited to work together with instrument builders, researchers, musicians and visual artists to create something new over the course of a day.

This day will focus on creating audio synthesis tools using open analog and digital platforms – led by artist and synth designer Naomi Mitchell, alongside audio scholar and Delta Sound Labs CEO, Ricky Graham. The project will include patching with open source, visual programming languages, and building analog control and audio processing circuits. Together, Mitchell and Graham will be building and prototyping instruments, exploring granular sampling, sequencing, synthesis, concepts of randomness and more.

Attendees can develop their understanding of instrument design through experimentation with open source software and hardware, plus learn about general elements of audio synthesis, sound design and DSP theory. A basic understanding of electronics and programming is useful, but not essential.

Date & Location

Ivar Brickbox


Naomi Mitchell

Naomi Mitchell

Naomi Mitchell is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist, modular synthesizer designer, and educator.

Ricky Graham

Ricky Graham

Richard Graham, Ph.D. is a musician, former professor and CEO of audio technology company, Delta Sound Labs.