Spread discretely throughout Loop’s Hollywood campus, Perimeter is an interactive audio installation featuring music influenced by geographic boundaries and borders. The installation is created by technologist and musician Alexia Riner in collaboration with Angelica Tavella from Ableton.

Triggered by ultrasonic sensors, six instances placed throughout the Loop zone will play a piece of audio inspired by the experiences of individuals who grew up by, or are currently living on a border. You can listen to and read about these six stories below.

1. Kolkata by Alexia Riner

2. Lavender by Crook

3. Apt. 85 by Run Dreamer 

4. McAllen by Jonathan Kreimerman & Alexia Riner 

5. The Space In Between by Alexia Riner 

6. Miami by Alexia Riner 



Perimeter Locations


Multiple locations throughout Hollywood–see map below, daily 10am - 7pm


Alexia Riner

Alexia Riner

Alexia Riner is an LA-based electronic producer and DJ who specializes in building complex soundscapes, and pairing them her soft, luscious vocal lines. She also creates interactive experiences fusing music, technology and other mediums.

Angelica Tavella

Angelica Tavella

Angelica Tavella is an Italian-American songwriter, sound artist and music technologist.