Primary Optic Shift

Led by interdisciplinary artist Suzy Poling, Primary Optic Shift is an immersive installation that transforms the Optic Shift room in the Ivar Theatre into a space of pure creativity and bliss. The installation consumes the whole room. Three rotating sculptures create refractive light shapes around the room and refract onto other objects. Additionally, three colored, mapped projections coming from all sides will contrast with the stark black and white light refractions throughout the space.

Throughout the history of recorded sound, music-makers and producers have sought out spaces that will inform their practice in particular ways. This could be as simple as a bedroom producer hanging a colored shade over a lamp or as extreme as Einsturzende Neubauten recording in a freeway pylon. Are they looking for a mood, a feeling, a slightly altered state of mind or being that could lead to new ways of thinking? What kind of music would you make in a planetarium, an elevator, or a trailer in the desert? Primary Optic Shift aims to bring this kind of inspiration to attendees taking part in the Music Improv Sessions in this room.

Please note, Ivar Optic Shift only hosts sessions that require pre-registration if you want to experience the installation in its entirety and have not registered for any sessions in this space please visit on Sunday 7pm to 8:30pm.


Ivar Optic Shift, Daily 2pm -10pm


Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling

Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling

Pod Blotz aka Suzy Poling is an interdisciplinary artist working across a massive array of specialities, including sound and film; sculpture, painting and collage; performance art and installations, among others.