Music Improv Sessions

Rhythm Moves: indigenous percussion and contemporary music-making

Music Improv Sessions are a fun, friendly and welcoming space for people of all abilities to play together and make music. The sessions put into practice Loop’s vision of music as a social process, in which we listen to, learn from and collaborate with one another to create something none of us could have made alone.

For this Music Improvisation Session, attendees will get the chance to learn new percussion techniques and indigenous rhythms, and how to integrate these approaches with electronic elements in the flow of spontaneous musical creation.

The session will be led by the South African producer Esa Williams, a prime exponent of fusing traditional folk instruments with contemporary electronic music production.

Date & Location

Ivar Optic Shift


Esa Williams

Esa Williams

London-based South African Esa Williams is a musical polymath, producer and DJ.