Track Deconstructions

Shure presents: Track Deconstruction with Kelela

Building tracks in a studio setting is, for many of us, a solo pursuit and for the rest, private to the creator and a close-knit circle of collaborators. Track Deconstructions offer a window into an otherwise closed process, an opportunity to experience what productions look and sound like ‘under the hood’ and gain an understanding of how key elements came to be.

Starting with the original project file, Kelela will walk us through her arrangement, describing key elements, mapping creative decisions, choices of sounds and processing, as well as their approach to mixing and finalising. 

In the intimate setting of EastWest Studio 1, there’ll also be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions, and help steer the session in a direction that you can apply to your own technical practice.


Please note: Space in Studio 1 is strictly limited. Please arrive early to ensure you'll get in.

Date & Location

EastWest Studio 1




Kelela is an American-born singer and producer who creates a fusion of futuristic R&B and electronica.


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Dani Deahl

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