Sound Design Masterclass #2 with Richard Devine

Sound design can mean many things to many people. From practical applications to artistic expression, the possibilities are near-infinite for how to approach sculpting sonic material, and the purpose your sounds can serve.

Beyond his reputation as a skilled electronic music producer, Richard Devine has completed many unusual, high-profile sound design commissions, from user interaction sounds for personal devices to synthetic engine noises for electric cars. He will host a masterclass discussing the creative philosophy and decision-making required for all kinds of audio briefs, as well as his more personal creative output. Using examples from his extensive body of work, he’ll be discussing successes and mistakes he’s made throughout the creative process.

Experience of production will be useful, but the broad nature of Devine’s work will appeal to anyone with an interest in sound design overall.

Workshop sessions are for those with tickets that include Workshop and Studio Session access. Groups are small, and require prior registration – ticket holders will be notified via email when sign-up opens on October 16th.

Date & Location

IO Music Academy


Richard Devine

Richard Devine

Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer, specializing in music composition, sonic mnemonics, field recording, sound effects and specialized sound design.