Teaching Yourself To Make Music Software: Steve Duda in conversation

While almost every electronic musician will use a VST at some point, relatively few know how they are made. Understanding the process can open up opportunities to experiment and create, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and add a useful string to your music-making bow.

In this session, composer, engineer, and self-taught software developer, Steve Duda, reveals how he made the acclaimed virtual synthesizer, Serum. The project brought together disparate worlds, from sound design to software development and from mathematics to music, and its story reveals the challenges and rewards of collaborating with a diverse and multi-skilled community

We’ll find out how VSTs are created and how to teach yourself the skills involved. We’ll also discuss the role of design thinking in making virtual instruments, and how to build a business around it – including elements like marketing and providing ongoing support. Whether you're an aspiring software developer, visual designer, or a musician who uses VSTs, this interactive talk will provide practical insight into the world of professional audio software development.


Please note: Space in Studio 1 is strictly limited. Please arrive early to ensure you'll get in.

Date & Location

EastWest Studio 1


Steve Duda

Steve Duda

Steve Duda has worked across the music industry as freelance engineer, sound designer, remixer and editor.


Marijke Jorritsma

Marijke Jorritsma

Marijke Jorritsma is a Senior User Experience Designer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.