Walkmix: headphone soundtracks

Walkmixes are eight freshly-commissioned pieces of original music by Loop guests, inspired by and designed for the walk between Loop’s venues.

Drawing on the artists’ own urban explorations, incorporating field recordings and imagery taken from the route, and drawing in fragments of pop history, and personal memory, these Walkmixes heighten our awareness of the urban environment, its architecture, and its rich history as a site of musical creation.

The Walkmixes exist only on cassette – we’ll have Walkmans for you when you arrive, so just BYO headphones, grab a tape and a player from the stand at the Montalbán Theatre foyer or EastWest Studios lobby, and start walking. There will also be headphones available to borrow for a small refundable deposit.

Cassette culture is a symptom of retromania, to be sure, but we’re not just being nostalgic. This low-tech listening experience is a small tribute to the device that made possible that now taken-for-granted trick of overlaying our daily experiences with a soundtrack of a borrowed atmosphere of romance, danger or adventure. The soundtrack is bespoke – our Walkmix composers have walked ahead of you, read the signs, and planned the ideal soundtrack for your Hollywood Loop.

Track Listing

Don’t trip - STIGA
S47 - Alexia Riner
mechanical clouds - Drum & Lace
Hollywood Hover Tour - FeM Synth Lab & Bitch Face
Tiny Steps Boulevard - TV Heads x Ducks!
Walk Mix Beat Tape - SIDE BRAIN + JAVA JAVA 
Temporal Continuum Transfer - Tom Hall
The Way - Ducks! + Maya Shenfeld


Montalbán Foyer and EastWest Studios Lobby, daily 10am - 8pm