Women’s Audio Mission presents Tracking Drums with Michel’Le Baptiste

Michel’Le Baptiste is a preeminent young drummer originally from Houston, Texas, much sought after for her technique, musical interpretation, and inspiring performances. She has toured frequently with Beyoncé, among others.

Go through the complete process of micing, tracking, and recording live drums in a professional studio context with one of America’s preeminent young drummers, Michel’Le Baptiste. When you track a live drummer, the sounds you capture are unique to the conditions of that specific environment on that specific day – you can never re-create them perfectly. Women's Audio Mission will demonstrate how it feels to work with a live drummer in this context, and how to get the best and most exciting recordings from this experience. You will learn microphone techniques and placement to record live drums, as well as signal processing, gain structure, how to prep these tracks to get brought into another DAW and much more.

Women’s Audio Mission is a San Francisco/Oakland-based nonprofit organization that uses music and media and an incredible “carrot” of a training environment –  the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women – to attract over 1,500 underserved women and girls every year to STEM and creative technology studies that inspire them to amplify their voices and become the innovators of tomorrow.

Complete beginners are welcome. No special materials are required for this workshop.

Note: This workshop is part of a two-part series, including SS-05 - Women's Audio Mission Studio Session. You don’t need to attend both, but the recordings made in this workshop will be used as the basis for the Studio Session.

Workshops are for small groups and require pre-registration. Workshops are only accessible if you have a ticket which includes access to the Workshops and Studio Sessions program – for information, check the FAQ. Registration will open on October 16.

Date & Location

EastWest Tracking Room 2


Women’s Audio Mission

Women’s Audio Mission

Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) is a nonprofit that uses music and media to attract underserved women and girls to creative technology studies, as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) with the goal is of inspiring them to become the innovators of tomorrow.


Michel’Le Baptiste

Michel’Le Baptiste

Michel’Le Baptiste is an LA-based drummer who performs with artists such as 5th Harmony, Chloe & Halle and Beyonce.