Start Here: Creative Challenge

The products of two artistic journeys can be radically different, even if they started at exactly the same point. As soon as background, technique and intention differ, the individual approach and process become the deciding factor.

So, given a sound, and a day to make something out of it, what would you do? We wanted to explore the possibilities at Loop this year by opening up a creative challenge to everyone who wants to take part.

On Loop’s first day, we made the starting point of the challenge available: a custom-made 25 second audio artifact by UK ambient artist Flora Yin-Wong. Participants had 12 hours to create 90 seconds of sound, which could be anything from an illustration of an idea to a finished track.

We then played and discussed a selection of the submitted pieces, as well as the ones created by Andrew Huang, Ebonie Smith and Nich Weiss, and talked about them during the live streamed main stage event at Loop.

Both, the challenge and the live stream are over at this point, but we’ll share the outcome on the Loop Hub, as well as Andrew’s and Ableton’s channels.