Adam Neely

Adam Neely is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and YouTuber focusing on education, music theory, improvisation, musicology and technique.

His New Horizons in Music YouTube playlist explores various methods to challenge and improve all aspects of musicianship and has introduced concepts such as microtonality and off-grid rhythms to over 800,000 subscribers. 

Adam has won multiple ASCAP Young Jazz Composer awards as well as the Jerome Fund commission in 2014 for his piece exigence. He has performed and toured across North America and Europe as a bassist for a wide variety of rock, pop and jazz artists.

At Loop, Adam will give a talk on language melody – the way spoken language naturally contains its own kind of music. His duo, Sungazer will also host a Studio Session demonstrating how technology supports improvisational performance, as well as ways to use advanced rhythmic subdivisions in electronic music.

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