A combination of the words algorithm and rave, Algorave is a community, a style of music, and an ongoing series of live events where artists create digital music and visuals using live coding techniques.

Live coders break the usual programming workflow by using realtime compilers to execute their instructions instantly. This feedback transforms tools traditionally considered to be non-collaborative and rigid into artistic instruments capable of the spontaneity required for improvisation and collaboration.

Five members of the algorave community are coming to Loop 2020.

  • Alexandra Cárdenas is a composer, improviser and programmer from Colombia, currently based in Berlin. A prominent performer and teacher, she has also helped foster local algorave and live coding scenes in cities around the world. 
  • Shelly Knotts is an improviser, live coder and AI music researcher based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. She performs noise, drone and algorave music, and works at Durham University on the MIMIC research project, creating machine-learning-powered tools for generating music from code.
  • Avneesh Sarwate is a multimedia artist, musician, designer and programmer based in New York. His work focuses on improvised audiovisual performances, as well as software and interface design for electronic music creation.
  • Calum Gunn is a Scottish musician based in Berlin. He creates live coded algorave music using digital synthesis, and his music has been released on the CPU, Entr’acte and Baba Vanga labels, among others.
  • Olivia Jack is a Bogota, Colombia-based programmer and artist working with open source software, live coding and experimental interfaces. She is the developer of Hydra, a platform for live coding visuals inspired by analog video synthesis.

At Loop, Alexandra Cárdenas will give a Workshop where attendees will learn the basics of live music coding software Sonic Pi. Shelly Knotts will take part in a Discussion on the role of machine learning in the creative process.

All five musicians will give a special collaborative algorave performance at the Loop Klubnacht at Tresor club on Saturday, April 25.