New York-based DJ, producer, and electronics artist Antenes uses self-made instruments from repurposed vintage telephone equipment to create dark soundscapes, and deep, hypnotic rhythms.

Her 2015 solo production debut, ​The Track of a Storm​ EP (​L.I.E.S.)​ appeared on best-of lists from Juno and Fact Magazine. In 2016, she worked with Moog Music on “The Exchange,” a large scale installation and duration performance made up of modified analog circuitry.

A devoted practitioner of crossing genres, Antenes has held residencies at Harvestworks (NYC) and Signal Culture (Owego NY). She has appeared at interdisciplinary events including the New York Electronic Arts Festival, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s “Intersections” exhibition (Batavia, IL), Open House London’s Sonic Visitations, and Trinity College’s Science Gallery (Dublin).

We’ve invited Antenes to Loop as both an instrument builder and as a conceptual thinker about music creation. She will give a Performative Presentation about her unique self-built equipment and thinking differently about the way we approach musical creativity.

Antenes will also be performing at the Loop Klubnacht in the Tresor club on Saturday, April 25.