Cycling '74

Cycling '74 is an internationally recognized software manufacturer pushing the limits of what artists are able to do with computers.

The San-Francisco-based company creates software for the specialized needs of artists, educators and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing. Their Max software is a visual programming environment used by musicians and artists to make interactive media. Max and its MSP, Jitter and Gen components are the creative engine behind thousands of innovative projects.

Cycling '74  was formed in 1997 by David Zicarelli and has approximately 30 employees and consultants worldwide.

This year at Loop, Tom Hall and Rob Ramirez from Cycling '74 will give a presentation on creating live visuals with Max and Max for Live’s Jitter and GL3 components, and on how to control them with audio to create sophisticated automated workflows.

Cory Metcalf and Gregory Taylor, also from Cycling '74, will give a Workshop to introduce sequencing in Max for Live, demonstrating how to create bespoke sequencers that stay in time with a Live set.



Cycling '74