Feels are Elise Reitze-Swensen and Rosie Taylor – classically trained percussionists from Perth, Australia. They use their combined skills in performance and production to bring physicality and precision to dance music spaces. The result is bright, infectious rhythms full of personality and subtlety played live across drum pads and electronic marimba.

2017 saw the release of the first single, “Prior Engagement” from their highly-praised debut EP, Emerald. 2018’s They Need Us was featured by Spotify and Apple Music after release.

Elise and Rosie are co-founders of Women of Music Production Perth, a record label, booking agency, and Ableton user group helping artists in Australia and New Zealand. Through their work, they provide opportunities to female, transgender, and non-binary artists to share and discuss music production within the broader music community.

At Loop 2020, Feels will give a Workshop on how classical compositional techniques can offer new approaches to all musicians, as well as a Studio Session on their own collaborative approach to creating tracks. They’ll also host a Music Improv Session, showing how  Process Music techniques can spark new and unpredictable outcomes.

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